The overwhelming majority of Health Insurance Innovations customers love their products, evidenced by the ratio of online reviews to policies on the books. HII has hundreds of thousands of policies being administered on its network, yet negative reviews from a minuscule fraction of dissatisfied consumers abound prominently across the internet on numerous forums:,,, and more. Customers are 100% entitled to their opinion and ability to share their experience with others. However, there is a fundamental misconception about the services Health Insurance Innovations provides. HIIQ is a software company whose technology is used by independent insurance agents and brokers selling a wide variety of insurance products ranging from life insurance to dental insurance to short term to ACA plans to Telemedicine. HIIQ does not insure anyone. HIIQ does not deny claims. HIIQ does not approve claims. Health Insurance Innovations administers the billing and customer service while hosting the portal where members and agents can review their accounts, upgrade, or cancel their policies. HIIQ does not make robocalls, it strictly forbids its independent agents to utilize this practice, and the consequence of not abiding these non negotiable results in termination from the sales platform, which does happen, evidenced by the recent case of Simple Health. Simple Health abused the Health Insurance Innovations sales platform by concealing their unscrupulous sales tactics and altering sales transcripts and editing recordings to hide when they went off the approved sales scripts. The sales scripts are carefully crafted to ensure the consumer is not being deceived and HIIQ has a robust compliance team to ensure these practices are maintained, but Simple Health went rogue and went way and beyond the rules to perpetuate a flagrant fraud against unsuspecting consumers, dragging HIIQ's good name through the mud.

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Insurance Sales Agent Lied About Health Benefits
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Sales Agent Lied About Health Benefits
JOHNS CREEK, GEORGIA — After browsing the internet to review health insurance coverage, I was contacted by an insurance salesperson who verbally communicated that this plan was the same as a PPO. He assured me that the plan covered 3 doctor’s visits per year and all I would have to pay was $25 out-of-pocket for each visit. He also said that it guarantees up to $2,000 for dental visits for the year. I paid $329 when I signed up and have been paying $204 for the past 7 months. I went to the doctor once and just found out that this Multi Benefit Limited Plan only covers $50 for each doctor’s visit. So now I’ve paid over $1,500 to this company and I’m stuck with a bill for $292 from my doctor’s office.

I tried to cancel coverage immediately and have been bounced around to various departments and put in hold for an hour! Lying to close a sale is fraudulent and someone will be held accountable. Their salesperson Daniel and supervisor Quentin ** both confirmed that I was getting an actual insurance policy and when I tried to review a breakdown of benefits online, it was not available.

Customer Service 08/13/2018:

We're sorry to hear your experience didn't meet your satisfaction. However, we do not employ agents and the agent who sold you this policy was an independent contractor. We regret they misrepresented this policy to you but we are not the carrier. We don't deny payments and we don't take on risk; we are the billing service company that provides the software to review your policy and make payments. If you have further issues, please contact the agent who sold you the policy.
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Health Insurance Innovations functions as a convenient technology company for agents, insurance carriers, and consumers who receive and/or provide insurance benefits. An individual’s issue(s) with the pricing, restrictions and denial or approval of claims under their policy are not within HIIQ’s jurisdiction. HIIQ is willing and able to assist their customers with these issues to the best of the company’s abilities. So, the frustration and discontent expressed in the following reviews are misdirected. We proactively respond to each individual review in the hopes of facilitating clarity and resolution with the customer.