The overwhelming majority of Health Insurance Innovations customers love their products, evidenced by the ratio of online reviews to policies on the books. HII has hundreds of thousands of policies being administered on its network, yet negative reviews from a minuscule fraction of dissatisfied consumers abound prominently across the internet on numerous forums:,,, and more. Customers are 100% entitled to their opinion and ability to share their experience with others. However, there is a fundamental misconception about the services Health Insurance Innovations provides. HIIQ is a software company whose technology is used by independent insurance agents and brokers selling a wide variety of insurance products ranging from life insurance to dental insurance to short term to ACA plans to Telemedicine. HIIQ does not insure anyone. HIIQ does not deny claims. HIIQ does not approve claims. Health Insurance Innovations administers the billing and customer service while hosting the portal where members and agents can review their accounts, upgrade, or cancel their policies. HIIQ does not make robocalls, it strictly forbids its independent agents to utilize this practice, and the consequence of not abiding these non negotiable results in termination from the sales platform, which does happen, evidenced by the recent case of Simple Health. Simple Health abused the Health Insurance Innovations sales platform by concealing their unscrupulous sales tactics and altering sales transcripts and editing recordings to hide when they went off the approved sales scripts. The sales scripts are carefully crafted to ensure the consumer is not being deceived and HIIQ has a robust compliance team to ensure these practices are maintained, but Simple Health went rogue and went way and beyond the rules to perpetuate a flagrant fraud against unsuspecting consumers, dragging HIIQ's good name through the mud.

Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) Company Reviews

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best florida health insurance companies

Health Pocket

Choose your personal and affordable insurance plan from the a vast selection of Individual health plans available from the best health insurance companies in Florida on There are 3 insurance carriers that offer inexpensive Individual health plans in Florida. Of these, the companies that offer the largest variety of plans to choose from are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Ambetter, and Cigna.

For those who would like to visit doctors outside of their networks, choose one of the 1 Individual plans that participate in Preferred Provider Organization(PPO). If you don’t mind using a Primary Care Physician (PCP), get one of the 12 Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) plans at a lower cost. The most affordable Individual health plan that participates in Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) is the Ambetter Essential Care 7 (2019) plan from Ambetter, at $347.85 per month.

If you are on a budget, check if you qualify for the premium tax credit which can lower your Health plan cost. With 12 plans that offer Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) and 1 Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida has the largest selection of Individual plans for residents of Tampa, Florida.

If you select Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida as your Individual provider, you’ll have access to over 1256 participating doctors in Tampa. Cigna has over 1149 doctors in their network and Ambetter follows with a network of over 54 practitioners. Finding specialist care in Tampa will be simple, since there are over 447 internal medicine specialists which take Individual, over 154 doctors that specialize in pediatrics, and over 152 anesthesiology specialists.

According to the US Census Bureau, about 15.7% of the US population did not have some form of health insurance coverage in 2011 .In Florida, about 13.3%1 of the population were uninsured. People don’t have health insurance coverage often times dueto the cost. However, there are options in finding an affordable Florida health insurance plan.

Agile Health Insurance

Agile is a website that is dedicated to helping you find Affordable Florida Health Insurance

In Florida, those individuals with some form of health insurance coverage received their health care from the following sources:

Public Plans

Florida Medicare: 21.2%
Florida Medicaid: 19%
Military Healthcare: 3%

Private Plans
Florida Coverage from Employer: 44.3%
Direct Purchase of a Florida individual health insurance plan: 17.2%
If you’re uninsured and do not qualify for a public plan, you can find an affordable Florida health plan through a direct purchase from a private insurer

How AgileHealthInsurance and HealthPocket Can Help

With many Florida health plans available, it can be difficult to find the right health plan that meets both your budget and medical needs.At Healthpocket, we provide you the tools to compare Florida health plans and estimate your annual out of pocket costs.


William 07/30/2019:

Choosing a Florida Health Insurance plan is hard, these two sites are great resources!
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Many national reviews show that increasing health insurance costs have come as a result of the long-term effects of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, this has left many people in the United States in need of low-cost health insurance alternatives and these trends are likely to continue, given the rising number of mergers in the healthcare industry over the last year. For these reasons, experts have suggested that short-term health programs could continue to grow in popularity amongst patients and families in regions where insurance options have become cost-prohibitive.

New legislation has the potential to strengthen those trends after U.S. President Donald Trump approved an executive order to change critical aspects in the potential timeline for these short-term health insurance plans. Under these new rules, health plan consumers that are not interested in using ACA-compliant insurance will now have the ability to extend the duration in their short-term health programs.

Of course, it should be understood that some states have additional restrictions on short-term health insurance plans, which could complicate the difficult task of locating affordable coverage. However, the regulations enacted last October have added a great deal of flexibility for consumers and patients in many areas throughout the United States.

For example in Florida and in Texas, short term health insurance plans can be had for up to 36 months.

Ultimately, these recent changes in the timeline rules could lead to a substantial rise in the popularity of short-term health programs and drastically alter industry trends in healthcare. Thus, it is important to assess the major changes in the legislation so that we can better understand the effects they might have on the wider healthcare industry.

Perhaps the most critical difference is that the term limit on initial policies has been lengthened to 364 days (just under one year). Previously, the Obama Administration enacted restrictions on short-term health insurance policies which capped durations at 90 days. Under the rules of the Affordable Care Act, the rule changes from 2017 limited time durations which could be made available to patients while reversing prior regulations enabling the purchase of short-term health insurance policies of 364 days. The most recent actions (from October 2018) under the Trump administration have simply removed these time limitations and reverted to the guidelines which existed prior to 2017.

Renewal Periods for Short-term Health Plans

Additionally, the recent legislation allows short-term health insurance policies to be renewed once the initial term has completed (for a period of up to 36 months). After this initial period finishes, consumers are able to buy another short-term health insurance policy.

As a result, the recently enacted legislative rule changes have created a total coverage period of 36 months. After this period, if additional coverage is required, the consumer would then need to purchase an entirely new health insurance policy. Now that these restrictions have been removed, industry experts have revised their long-term forecasts and the Department of Health and Human Services has explained that the number of short-term health insurance policies may grow by 600,000 during the current year.

For consumers in several demographics, these changes could help to offset the rising costs which have been associated with ACA-compliant health insurance policies. According to Agile Insurance, the average cost of health insurance for a family of four has risen above $1,900 per month and these numbers are expected to rise in 2020.

Finally, last year’s rule changes require specific disclosures to be included for consumers that might be interested in purchasing short-term health plans. These requirements within the legislation help ensure patients understand some of the differences between short-term policies and more traditional options for health insurance coverage. Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. (NASDAQ: HIIQ) is one company that has defined many of the advantages present in these types of policies. The verification systems designed by Health Insurance Innovations ensure improved transparency for patients at the point of sale and the company’s methods have been modeled by many of the larger entities within the industry.

Specifically, Health Insurance Innovations installs initiatives that require sales agents to outline all relevant details included in coverage programs via extensive verification scripts for consumers. For example, in cases where a patient selects an insurance plan that isn’t covered under the ACA, Health Insurance Innovations requires sales representatives to make this clear in the initial product descriptions.

Dominick DiCiccio, Chief Compliance Officer for Health Insurance Innovations, recently said:

“We provide a huge range of insurance policies catering to customers’ full range of healthcare needs – from dental care and vision through to emergency treatment. We maintain a verification script for each product, so in total, we manage nearly 50 scripts, each around thirty pages long.”

When initially introduced, these new processes of verification might appear to be overly extensive. However, it should be clear that the recent requirements in legislation are designed to enact safeguards for consumers which heighten transparency levels and increase the broader standards in patient care. Mr. DiCiccio added further comments which highlight many of the challenges health insurance companies might face structuring the best approach in meeting regulatory compliance standards:

“Here comes the challenge: What do you do when things change and you need to update the scripts? If an insurer alters their terms and conditions, you might have a handful of documents to update. But if state or federal regulations change, we need to verify that each product script is compliant and accurate, and ensure that the language is consistent across all affected policies.”

Given all of these important factors, it is easy to see that recent legislative rule changes have improved healthcare standards for patients and helped specific companies to lead the way in defining the best strategic approaches for the industry. Short-term healthcare policies add a significant level of flexibility and increase the number of pricing options currently available to consumers. All of these efforts are designed to raise the industry’s level of transparency for patients and these events could raise the popularity of short-term health insurance programs in the years ahead.

Dominick DiCiccio 07/29/2019:

Short Term Health Insurance Options Review
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If you try to use Medicare Advantage, understanding which doctors are available and where they’re located is becoming more and more difficult, if not outright impossible.

What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage is the government-subsidized, private option to the traditional public Medicare program that is quickly growing in popularity over the last few years.

The Trump administration has significantly contributed to this recent growth by sending emails to people using Medicare to promote how much more coverage they could get for less money from private plans, but with one glaring omission:

Missing from those emails, is any mention of the one big limitation of those plans: They cover far fewer doctors than the traditional Medicare program.

If you can find a doctor you prefer or covered doctors in close convenient locations, this likely won’t be a problem for you but often, that is not the case. Government audits of Medicare Advantage plan directories show that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversees the program, found that nearly half of entries had one of three problems: address errors, incorrect phone numbers, or doctors who were not accepting new patients. In 2017, the Department of Justice reached a settlement with two Medicare Advantage plans over charges of unscrupulous misrepresentation of their networks to regulators.

Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry dominated by some of the largest insurers in the world, basic research revealed that Medicare Advantage provider directories are notorious for not being accurate. For example, a study published in the American Journal of Managed Care found that Google was more correct.

“Directory accuracy is hard,” said the study’s lead author, Michael Adelberg, a former senior Health and Human Services regulator in Washington and now a leader of health care strategy for the Faegre Baker Daniels law firm. “But when a consumer joins a plan to get to a doc in the directory and then cannot, that consumer has a very legitimate beef.”

Navigating Medicare Advantage plan networks are extremely hard for professional researchers, never mind the the consumers

Working with plan directories — flawed though they may be — a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis examined the physician networks of almost 400 Medicare Advantage plans offered by 55 insurers in 20 counties in 2015. It found that networks of these plans included 46 percent of physicians in a county, on average.

Basically, if you selected a plan at random in these counties, you could expect that a bit less than half of doctors would be covered, at least according to its directory. (This does not necessarily mean those who are covered are taking patients or practicing in locations convenient for you.)

The study found considerable variation by specialty. Psychiatrists are least likely to be included in plan networks; a typical plan covered fewer than one-quarter of them. Ophthalmologist are most likely to be included; a typical plan covered nearly 60 percent of them. Depending on what kind of care you need, the extent to which plans cover specific specialists would be important to know. But there is no single source that meaningfully compares Medicare Advantage plans’ networks in the aggregate, much less by specialty.

This could change. A recent draft regulation would require Medicare Advantage, as well as other kinds of plans, to provide their directories in an electronic format that third parties could use to compare them, for example through apps or online.

Why do plans’ networks vary anyway? One possibility is that plans may strategically narrow or broaden their networks of certain specialties to try to attract more of the kind of enrollees they want (healthier, cheaper) and fewer of those they don’t (sicker, more expensive). Studies have shown that sicker beneficiaries are less attracted to Medicare Advantage, perhaps for these reasons. Another possibility, suggested by an Urban Institute study, is that plans narrow networks to control productivity and quality — for instance, covering only doctors who meet quality standards and tend to provide more efficient and valuable care.

A study of Medicare Advantage plans offered in California in 2017 found that the quality of obstetricians-gynecologists, cardiologists and endocrinologists covered by those plans tended to be comparable to those available through traditional Medicare. But some plan enrollees, particularly those in more rural areas, would need to travel far — in some cases exceeding 100 miles — to see those covered physicians.

The Kaiser Family Foundation study found that broader-network plans tended to charge higher premiums than “narrow network” plans (narrow network means covering less than 30 percent of doctors in a county).

One limitation of analyzing plan directories is that even if physicians are listed as in-network, they may not really be accessible because they’re too busy to accept new patients. So another way to assess the influence of Medicare Advantage networks on people’s access to care is to observe which doctors people in a specific plan actually see.

Looking at it this way, which colleagues and I did on a recent study published in Health Affairs, reveals that 80 percent or more of Medicare Advantage plans provide access to at least 70 percent of primary care physicians in their markets. Our study also suggests that narrow network plans are not growing over time in Medicare Advantage, which runs counter to the narrative that they’re taking over health care.

Still, because there is no way for Medicare beneficiaries to compare plan networks, people could easily stumble into a narrow network plan without knowing it. As with many things in health care, it’s hard to make an informed decision.

MyThreeCents 07/15/2019:

Medicare Advantage is becoming too complicated for regular people to navigate
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Looking for a comprehensive, authoritative company review of You’ve come to the right place.

Agile Health Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Insurance Innovations that is independently operated out of Mountain View, Ca. Finding the right health insurance plan for you can be a daunting task. Regulations are changing, there are a lot of insurance options to explore and applications can take a long time to process.

Fortunately, there’s a website that helps consumers navigate the complicated world of health insurance and find the best affordable and personalized plan all in less than ten minutes:

About Agile Health Insurance

Agile Health Insurance is a leader provider of affordable health care solutions and an expert in short term health insurance. They are a licensed health insurance agency with partnerships with multiple insurance companies through which consumers can obtain health insurance. The company’s aim is to offer the most comprehensive platform for comparing health insurance options.

Agile Health Insurance’s easy to use online platform allows consumers to quote and compare thousands of affordable and personalized health plans in a matter of minutes and insurance benefits can start as early as the next day.

What Types of Insurance does Agile Health Insurance Offer?

Agile Health Insurance offers a broad selection of health insurance products to meet individual and family health coverage needs. The main categories are the following:

  • Short Term Health Insurance
  • Health Benefit Indemnity Insurance
  • Major Medical Health Insurance [ACA]
  • Dental Insurance
  • Telemedicine
  • Vision Insurance
  • Supplemental Health Plans
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • The company offers over 5,000 of the best short term health insurance plans, each of them created with the consumer in mind.

    Why Choose Agile Health Insurance?

    Competitive Rates

    Agile prides itself in making health insurance available to anyone by offering health care solutions at affordable and reasonable prices. In a review of Short Term Health Insurance, Kaiser Family Foundation noted that Agile’s health insurance products are generally priced at 20% or less when compared to ACA-compliant health plans.

    Fast Application & Instant Approval

    Shopping for health insurance can be a complicated and confusing process; Agile’s painless and simplified online application process helps consumers by presenting them with their best health coverage options. Those who are eligible will receive instant approval. This means that you could get approved and insured in as little as 8 minutes and start enjoying your policy benefits the very next day.

    One of the biggest benefits when shopping for health insurance on is that there are no open enrollment restrictions, you can apply and get coverage year round. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose your preferred doctors and hospitals or keep your current ones.

    A+ Rated Insurers
    Agile’s health plans are underwritten by companies that are financially strong and committed to quality and high levels of customer service. Many of them are rated A+ Superior by AM Best.

    Agile Health Insurance’s Online Quoting Process

    We wanted to put Agile’s fast and easy online application process to the test.

    This was our experience going through Agile’s online quoting process:

    Step One: Choose the Type of Insurance you want to Quote for Agile Health Insurance Review Health Plans

    Choose one of the health plan options from the drop down menu under “Find Health Plans”. We chose to quote for Short Term Health Insurance.

    Step Two: Answer a Few Basic Questions
    Agile Health Insurance Review Quoting Process
    In order to quote with Agile Health Insurance, you are required to fill out basic information about you, this includes: zip code, date of birth, gender, payment preference and coverage start date.

    At this point, you have the option to add your spouse and/or children to the plan by simply clicking on the plus sign and entering their gender and date of birth.

    Step Three: Compare Health Insurance Quotes
    Agile Health Insurance Review Compare Health Insurance Plan Quotes
    Then we were presented with the Short Term Health Insurance options available in our zip code.

    Important plan information such as monthly premium, deductible, coinsurance, out of pocket max, maximum benefits and coverage period can be easily identifiable to speed up the process. Speaking of coverage periods, Agile Health Insurance is doing all a health insurance company can do by recently expanded its product portfolio to offer short term health insurance plans with a maximum coverage of up to three years after the regulation change that extends the length of short term policies. Many of the plan options we found included 36 month coverage.

    The ability to sort the plans by monthly premiums, coinsurance, deductible, max out of pocket and policy maximum benefit is a nice feature; this way you can quickly disregard the plans that don’t meet your needs. Another handy feature is the chat option available throughout the quoting process. Once the chat is started, you are assigned a representative to make an already easy quoting process even easier. You can also call to speak to a licensed agent.

    You can also indicate the premium range you’re looking to pay, your preferred insurance companies, coverage max, deductible amount and coinsurance amount with the options on the left side to further personalize your quoting experience. We wanted to test the affordability of Agile’s plans so we changed our premium range from $60 to $200. Then we were presented with 49 Florida Health Insurance Quotes within that premium range convincing us that Agile Health Insurance plans really are affordable.

    Step Four: Apply
    Agile health insurance review apply for health insurance coverage stm
    Agile health insurance review apply for short term health insurance plan

    Once you select your preferred plan, you are directed to a page that includes your plan details. At this point, you have the option to add additional coverage such as a pre-existing condition waiver, telemedicine, prescription drug coverage and dental insurance. Each option includes a brief description and a link to learn more, some of them directing us to extensive and informative brochures.

    When you click on the plan name you are also directed to a brochure with everything you need to know about your plan including benefits and coverage, physician directory, covered expenses, limitations and exclusions and frequently asked questions. This allows us to make an educated purchase decision.

    On this page, you are also presented with disclaimers to allow you to fully understand what your chosen plan covers and does not cover.

    After confirming that your chosen plan is ideal for you and adding additional coverage, you start the application process. At this time, you answer six more questions and enter your personal, contact and billing information to complete the process.

    How Much do Agile Health Insurance Plans Cost?
    The company offers many health plans starting at less than $99 a month. The costs will vary depending on the health plan you choose, your state, age and other factors. When going through the quoting process, you will notice that the monthly premiums are listed in a straightforward manner, you can also filter to a desired premium range.

    Will Agile Health Insurance Plans Work for me?
    If you are in need of affordable health insurance, Agile health insurance might work for you. Agile makes it easy for consumers to quote and get health insurance. The company’s learning center and FAQ page are packed with valuable information on the health solutions they offer and if you still have questions or need clarification you can get help from a licensed agent by phone or chat.

    Agile’s temporary gap health insurance might be right for you if:

    You missed the annual Open Enrollment Period for Obamacare/ACA plans.
    You’re in between jobs, a part-time or temporary worker, or looking for a less expensive alternative to COBRA.
    You are a student, a recent graduate, or have aged out of your parent’s health insurance plan.
    You’ve retired but are too young to be eligible for Medicare.
    Your preferred doctor or hospital doesn’t accept Obamacare or an Obamacare plan isn’t available in your area.
    You are an undocumented immigrant in the United States.
    Like millions of Americans, you simply can’t afford Obamacare.
    Agile Health Insurance Review Summary
    Agile Health Insurance seems like a great company to meet consumers health insurance coverage needs. Their free, fast and simple application process, affordable rates, informative website and excellent customer service help turn shopping for health insurance from a daunting to a pleasant task.

    When looking for the ideal health plan for you, make sure to read the informational materials available regarding limitations and what the plan does and does not cover to be able to make an educated purchase decision.

    To learn more about Agile Health Insurance visit:
    Agile’s LinkedIn Profile

    Agile’s Crunchbase Profile

    Agile’s Twitter Account

    Agile’s Youtube Channel

    Get a Free Agile Health Insurance Quote Today

    Admin 07/16/2019:

    Great job!
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    Health Insurance Innovations Inc. (NASDAQ: HIIQ) of Tampa has acquired a Coral Springs-based health care network in a cash and stock transaction.

    TogetherHealth, a direct-to-consumer platform that connects individuals with insurance carriers through consumer acquisition and engagement was acquired for $50 million in cash and 630,000 shares of Health Insurance Innovations’ common stock.

    A five-year earn-out provision based on the future performance of the acquired businesses is also included in the transaction, according to a release.

    Health Insurance Innovations expects the acquisition to contribute at least $10 million of adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization for the remainder of fiscal 2019, which assumes any incremental increase in earnings will be reinvested back into building a market-leading position in more than 65 health insurance and supplemental insurance markets.

    “This transformative acquisition offers immediate scale for us in the large and growing over-65 insurance market. This segment of the market continues to benefit from the strong, multidimensional tailwinds of changing demographics, as over 10,000 Americans a day turn 65 and age into Medicare,” said Gavin Southwell, Health Insurance Innovations CEO and president, said in a statement.

    Health Insurance Innovations is cloud-based technology platform and distributor of affordable health insurance, life insurance and supplemental plans.

    The acquisition, according to Southwell, will further leverage the company’s tech platform.

    “We believe we can quickly leverage their resources to capitalize on this opportunity and continue to build our presence in this market,” said Robert Gregg, CEO of TogetherHealth, in a statement.

    The acquisition is allowing Health Insurance Innovations to raise its 2019 revenue outlook to $450 million to $460 million, with an adjusted guidance of $82 million to $87 million, according to a release

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    Health Insurance Innovations has been in the news lately because one of the businesses it has done business with was taken over by the FTC after allegations of fraud. HIIQ has disavowed all activities by this rogue distributor and are not of any interest by regulatory agencies.

    In fact, Health Innovations recently concluded a 42 state investigation where its business practices were thoroughly examined.

    An anonymous stock analyst has recently released one of the most authoritative looks at the Health Insurance Innovations business model in a hard to find post on Scutify.

    A number of other research firms have also recently commented on HIIQ.

    B. Riley boosted their target price on shares of Health Insurance Innovations from $56.00 to $60.00 and gave the stock a buy rating in a research note on Thursday, September 27th. TheStreet raised shares of Health Insurance Innovations from a c rating to a b- rating in a research note on recently as well.

    Lake Street Capital upped their price objective on shares of Health Insurance Innovations from $51.00 to $75.00 and gave the company a buy rating in a research note on Tuesday, October 30th. Craig Hallum raised their price target on shares of Health Insurance Innovations from $58.00 to $65.00 and gave the company a buy rating in a research note on Tuesday, October 30th.

    And lastly, ValuEngine lowered shares of Health Insurance Innovations from a strong-buy rating to a buy rating in a report on Tuesday, October 16th.

    Three analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating, seven have issued a buy rating and one has assigned a strong buy rating to the stock. The company currently has a consensus rating of Buy and a consensus price target of $56.78.

    NA 01/17/2019:

    Interesting to see how this plays out!
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    My name is Malcom and I have a 26 year old son. We live in Rhode Island and needed health insurance coverage. I used the Health Insurance Innovations platform to find a health insurance provider.

    I live in Florida and was able to find affordable insurance and make an appointment immediately. This was a great thing because I was not in a good state to be in without insurance. you guys basically saved my life with great benefits and price. I would definitely recommend this insurance platform to other people.

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    Agile Health Insurance Alternatives Stands to Benefit with New Trumpcare Rule

    Agile Health Insurance offers affordable health insurance alternatives to high priced ACA plans. The new ruling by the Trump administration extends the length of short term policies from 3 months to 12 months. Healthy Americans no longer have to pay higher costs for their health insurance by being forced into ACA plans because the new Trumpcare ruling also eliminates the penalty for not having ACA insurance in 2019.

    This rule took into review many of the potential issues raised by the industry and health care professionals but what critics miss is that Americans simply cannot afford health insurance plans in excess of $100 per month.

    Americans who are unable to afford insurance have thus far chosen to go without.

    This new rule changes that by creating more options.

    Starting October 1st of this year, 3 month plans will now be able to be purchased for 1 year and extended three times.

    These plans are definitely not for everyone. If you have chronic health issues, you do not want these plans. They are much lower priced than typical ACA plans because they don’t cover maternity care, or have prescription drug coverage. Short term policies don’t cover preexisting conditions either.

    But if you are healthy and want to prevent against an unexpected accident, these plans are great. Most of them will cover your hospital visit.

    There is another big advantages of Short Term Health Insurance over other forms of major medical insurance such as an Obamacare (ACA) plan or an employer-based plan: there is no open enrollment restrictions, so you can apply at anytime. You will be notified within minutes if your application is approved, and you can use your coverage as early as the next day!

    Companies like Agile Health Insurance specialize in affordable Short Term Health Insurance plans and you can review the health insurance alternatives to the ACA on their site.

    Health Representative 09/06/2018:

    Great news!
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    Fortune Magazine has released it’s latest list of 100 fastest growing companies for 2018. Health Insurance Innovations has topped the list.

    Not just out of health insurance companies, ALL companies.

    Hiiquote has a unique model of Internet insurance sales, posted expectations-breaking earnings for its second quarter ended in June, up 16% year over year to $71.7 million. It wasn’t long before the company’s stock hit a 52-week high of $51.60. The Tampa company raised its 2018 guidance to revenues of $303 million—a figure that marks a 21% increase from the previous year. On tap? The next generation of the company’s cloud-based technology platform, according to CEO Gavin Southwell.

    See the entire list of companies who made it to Fortune Magazines 100 fastest growing companies here

    Customer Service 08/21/2018:

    Congratulations to Health Insurance Innovations!
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    Sales Agent Lied About Health Benefits
    JOHNS CREEK, GEORGIA — After browsing the internet to review health insurance coverage, I was contacted by an insurance salesperson who verbally communicated that this plan was the same as a PPO. He assured me that the plan covered 3 doctor’s visits per year and all I would have to pay was $25 out-of-pocket for each visit. He also said that it guarantees up to $2,000 for dental visits for the year. I paid $329 when I signed up and have been paying $204 for the past 7 months. I went to the doctor once and just found out that this Multi Benefit Limited Plan only covers $50 for each doctor’s visit. So now I’ve paid over $1,500 to this company and I’m stuck with a bill for $292 from my doctor’s office.

    I tried to cancel coverage immediately and have been bounced around to various departments and put in hold for an hour! Lying to close a sale is fraudulent and someone will be held accountable. Their salesperson Daniel and supervisor Quentin ** both confirmed that I was getting an actual insurance policy and when I tried to review a breakdown of benefits online, it was not available.

    Customer Service 08/13/2018:

    We're sorry to hear your experience didn't meet your satisfaction. However, we do not employ agents and the agent who sold you this policy was an independent contractor. We regret they misrepresented this policy to you but we are not the carrier. We don't deny payments and we don't take on risk; we are the billing service company that provides the software to review your policy and make payments. If you have further issues, please contact the agent who sold you the policy.
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    Contact Information:
    Health Insurance Innovations
    218 E. Bearss Ave, Suite 325
    Tampa, FL 33613
    1-877-376-5831 (ph)
    Health Insurance Innovations
    Google Map
    Health Insurance Innovations functions as a convenient technology company for agents, insurance carriers, and consumers who receive and/or provide insurance benefits. An individual’s issue(s) with the pricing, restrictions and denial or approval of claims under their policy are not within HIIQ’s jurisdiction. HIIQ is willing and able to assist their customers with these issues to the best of the company’s abilities. So, the frustration and discontent expressed in the following reviews are misdirected. We proactively respond to each individual review in the hopes of facilitating clarity and resolution with the customer.